MVS SmartSend™

Smart Dataset Exchange via e-mail

Utility to Email Reports to Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange Users

MVS SmartSend™ is a utility that mails fixed-record text datasets using an organization's file transfer product, directly from MVS to Notes or Exchange users, using either legacy mail system addresses or current Notes or Exchange addresses as the recipient(s) of the mailing.

Prior to the legacy mail system shutting down, the Shuttle Manager Cross Reference file is built on MVS in order to correlate legacy addresses with current Notes or Exchange addresses. MVS SmartSend™ is capable of resolving User Ids, Public Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards & Conferences (TAO only) with the use of this Cross Reference file. For the Lotus Notes version of MVS SmartSend™, an installed and operational Lotus SMTP MTA is required in order to send mail to Internet e-mail addresses, and the Exchange Internet Mail Connector is required for those users sending to the Internet through Exchange.

For Emc2/TAO customers this replaces the MAILAWAY application, and does not require a Emc2/TAO system.

For H&W SYSM customers this replaces the SYSBIMP application, and does not require a H&W SYSM system.

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